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Sport Skills analysis protocol

Sport Video Sync Software

AI-Powered Expert in Sport skills analysis

Sport Skills scoring system

Sport Skills assessments Big Data


Assistant Coach

Sport Skills Analysis Protocol

Customizing your technical protocol of skills analysis

Access our videos tutorials that explain how to perfectly perform the technical skills.

Understand how performing the perfect technique can improve the athlete efficiency, reduce his effort during practice and decrease risk of injury.

Sport Video Sync Software

Constructing a synchronized video

Upload the athlete videos and our AI-Powered Synch Algorithms will build a synchronized video from 3 cameras and will allow you watch it simultaneously in 

slow motion.

See all the analysis points where the athlete performed the best technique and all the points where they don’t.

Sport Skills Scoring System

Scoring and rating athlete’s technical skill

Athlete's score in each analysis point is his average performance considering 3 or more repetitions.

AI-powered Assistant Coach works

Your technical analysis available on cloud through your login account

Data on Cloud

Your score computed by your AI-powered Technical Assistant

Skill Scoring

Your practice session is filmed and your videos synced

Video Tape

Your training plan designed by your AI-Powered Personal Coach

Training Plan

Your videos are analysed by your AI-powered Expert

Video Analysis

Share your videos, technical skill analysis and score

Social Media


AI-Powered Expert in Sport Skills Analysis

Artificial Intelligence 

replaces the human expert in the video analysis process and the athlete's technique is analyzed and scored automatically.

Run a Prescriptive Analysis and get a customized work plan elaborated by your AI-Powered Personal Coach according to personal needs and performance of each athlete.

Run a predictive analysis and identify talents who can became top athletes as well as the best group of athlete to form a cohesive, competitive and victorious team.


Skills Assessments Big Data

Follow athlete’s technical development and his rating score at the beginning, middle, and end of each season
Compare the athlete’s current score with his score in the same time of the previous season.
Analyze the athlete's development compared to the average development of his team
Check the athlete's current position in the current Skills and Technical Analysis Ranking of his team.
Compare the athlete's score with the highest and lowest historical score of his age, grade, school, university or club.

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